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Adventure Camp

For Kids Aged 7-12


Duration:  3x Days (no overnight stays)

Adventure Camp is our classic program - aimed at providing fun, active and healthy school holiday activities to kids aged 7-12.  Adventure Camp was born with a simple goal - to leave no kids inside.


Adventure Camp programs are built around challenging outdoor and problem solving activities. These will teach your kids to appreciate diversification in one another’s personalities and skill sets. They will learn leadership skills and discover how to understand risk, make safe decisions and (most of all) have fun outdoors.  When learned in an outdoor setting, these core skills have been proven in kids to build confidence and responsibility. They also promote creativity and imagination.

During each Camp, kids will be placed into groups and earn points for each activity.  Some activities will see them race other teams, or race the clock to solve a particular challenge.  At the end of our program, groups will get to use their points to bid for their prizes in the "Adventure Camp Auction".

During the camp, your kids will partake in land and water activities and initiatives.  The day is generally broken up into four separate periods with plenty of breaks plus time for lunch, morning & afternoon tea.

Got a Question?  Check out our FAQs Page

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