Adventure Pro - fro 12-15yr Olds

Adventure Pro is the next level of Adventure Camp developed specifically for 12 to 15 year old girls and boys.


At Adventure Pro, kids are engaged heavily in team building with more challenging and longer lasting games and tasks.  The historical characters and stories that flow through the younger Adventure Camps are replaced with more ‘real life’ activities and scenarios.  


Think Survivor meets the Amazing Race.


As well as our traditional activities such as rafting, snorkelling, sailing and land based initiatives we bring in kayaking, paddle boarding with greater navigation, first aid and survival skills.  


Adventure Pro will focus on team building, lateral thinking and a greater in depth appreciation of the nature where our camps are held. 

If you'd be interested in signing up for Adventure Pro, let us know.  We're aiming to launch this new camp in early 2019.

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