NEW CAMP - Adventure Pro

For Kids Aged 12-15

Location:  Cockatoo Island​

Duration:  2x Days, 1x Night

Adventure Pro is the next level of Adventure Camp, developed specifically for 12 to 15 year olds.  The Camp is launching in April 2021 as a 2-day, 1-night program (the kids will camp overnight on Cockatoo Island).


During Adventure Pro, each group will engage in more challenging and complex tasks - with greater responsibility on the kids to work together to complete them.   The groups are smaller than Adventure Camp (10x per Group), and there is less instructor intervention in each game.


Basically, think Survivor meets the Amazing Race.


There will be some of the  traditional Adventure Camp activities, but with added complexity - such as learning navigational skills, first aid skills etc. 

Adventure Pro will focus on teamwork, lateral thinking and a greater in depth appreciation of the nature where our camps are held. 

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Upcoming Camps

  • Adventure Pro Winter - COMING SOON
    Thu, 08 Jul
    Adventure Pro Winter - COMING SOON
    Adventure Pro is our NEW Camp for kids aged 12-15. It's more challenging, and includes an overnight stay. More info on dates, location and tickets coming soon.