Looking for a Fun, Rewarding School Holiday Job?

Become an Adventure Camp Group Leader!

We're always on the lookout for the right people to join our team of Instructors!  If you're a fun-loving person, with a positive attitude, who is passionate about the outdoors and working with kids, then we'd love to hear from your.​

All the instructor roles with Adventure Camp are casual and all of our camps take place during the School Holidays - making it the perfect side-job for anyone already working in schools, school care, school camps or studying.

Locations:  Northbridge, Chowder Bay, Mosman, Greenwich - all Lower North Shore in Sydney

At adventure camp, the role of a group leader consists of:

  • Managing a group of between 10-16 kids for the 3 days - work with them, developing a good relationship and ensuring that they all have a great time

    • Moving the group between activities and monitoring the whereabouts of all the kids in your group

    • Learning and then leading the kids through the various games in our program

    • Working closely with other group leaders to deliver larger group games

    • Aiding the children in completing the various tasks and challenges - without doing it for them.  We want to help them succeed, while challenging them to push their own comfort zone.

  • Ensuring the safety of all the kids within your group

    • Keeping track of their whereabouts

    • Providing basic first aid if required (First Aid Certificate is a pre-requisite for the role)

    • Ensuring they eat the food provided and apply sunscreen regularly

    • Managing any behavioural issues appropriately


On our camps, we have a wide range of activities and games throughout our program - many that you can learn (team works games, relay challenges etc) and some that require specialist instructors - such as sailing, rafting, snorkelling etc.  In these cases you simply need to assist the expert instructor in managing the group.


Above all, Adventure Camp is about Fun outdoors.  Our goal is to represent our motto of "No Kids Left Inside" and send kids home each day exhausted from having too much fun - and excited about returning.


Each day, we provide an activity grid and schedule - but we give each instructor a great deal of latitude to work with.  We want you to be able to think on your feet, read the group vibe, and if something isn't working out, or the kids aren't enjoying it - change it on the spot to something else.  There are very few hard and fast activities - as such, instructors need to be willing to work in a flexible environment (instructors who need a detailed and specific plan for every day tend to not enjoy our style of camp).  We want our instructors to bring a lot of energy to the role, and ideally, have as much fun as the kids they are caring for.


As an instructor, you need to be willing to engage in the games and activities also - this means bushwalking, swimming, running etc.


We also require you to have a Working With Children Check, a valid First Aid certificate (including CPR), and evidence of at least 3 years working with kids in a similar capacity (which it sounds like you have very easily).  Having a  lifeguard or lifesaving qualification will assist you, however it is not essential.


If all of this sounds like a good fit for you, I'd love you to send us a resume and we'll be in touch.


Send your resume and details to: