Covid-19 Update - March 23, 2020

Hi Adventure Camp Friends and Family,

I'm sure everyone has heard the news in the last 24 hours about the closure of non-essential services in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19.  Unfortunately, this includes Adventure Camp and we have no option but to postpone our April programs for the safety of the kids, our staff and our wider families and community.

Obviously this is not something we wanted to do - but the expert advice is clear, and it's in the best interest of everyone's safety until the virus spread is under control.


By now, all current ticket holders should have received a direct email regarding the postponement.  If you haven't seen that, please contact us directly on

Now, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, we're launching an online series of at-home adventure activities & games for kids in the coming days.  This program will be open to anyone (so please share it around) and will be aimed at providing kids with an outlet to still be kids.  The games will vary day to day and will be shared via a new Adventure Camp At Home Facebook Group.  We'd love you all to get involved and you can join the group here.  The first activity will start tomorrow (Wednesday).

We know this is a challenging time all round - but in tough times like this, I think it's also important to keep some perspective. This is going to hurt - just as it is for every other business that's closing and for all the people out of work. Please spare a thought in particular for our amazing team of instructors - who bring energy, passion and commitment to making Adventure Camp what it is every single day.  Many of them have lost work for months - not just the school holidays.  But if these measures help save lives - then it's all worth it. I'm sure we all have family who fit into the "at risk" category with this virus (my dad certainly does, and I don't want him to get sick).

Finally, we think it's important to remember that things will return to normal. This is not the end for Adventure Camp - it's a temporary closure - nothing more. Adventure Camp will be back - our commitment is unwavering to that. And as soon as we can, as soon as everyone is safe and well, we look forward to having your kids at a camp soon.

Until then, stay safe & healthy - and don't forget to join our new Adventure Camp Facebook Group HERE to get involved in daily games. It will keep you and the kids sane 

If anyone has further questions or would like to discuss their cancelled tickets, please email us on

Kind Regards,

Chris, Ben & the whole Adventure Camp Team.

We believe that no matter what’s happening in the world, kids still need to be kids. They need to keep active, engaged and challenged every day  - it will really help with their mental health (and will no doubt help parents in this challenging time too).

Adventure Camp At Home is going to be sending out activities and games that you can do with your kids every week day.  We hope that you’ll jump on board, share your successes with us and also give ideas out to other parents on what you’ve been doing with your kids to keep them energised and healthy.

We are sad we can’t meet your awesome kids these holidays but look forward to creating some fun together with our Adventure Camp Home newsletter. Sending you support during this hard time – we are in this together.

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