Important - Covid Policy Update - As at 7th Jan 2022

With NSW Covid-19 cases climbing the chance of someone attending an Adventure Camp with Covid has increased.

As the NSW Health Advice and Government response to COVID changes, we have made several updates to our COVID 19 policy. We have confirmed with NSW Health that a child attending camp with COVID, DOES NOT make every other child (or staff) a close contact. This is due to the program being almost entirely outdoors.

If your child is in the same group as a COVID-positive child, they are deemed as ‘moderate’ to ‘low’ risk. If your child is in a separate group, they are deemed as ‘low’ risk. This means that no one from a camp is required to get tested or isolate unless they are experiencing symptoms.

So what does this mean for Adventure Camp? 

We will be running our camps as normal and are doing our absolute best to deliver an awesome program in a safe environment. We will be continuing with our COVID-Safe plan and enforcing good hand hygiene, regular sanitizing and minimal indoor time throughout the program. However, we have made the following important updates to our policy on dealing with the various situations that may arise.

Firstly - if your child attends camp and tests positive to COVID, please notify us as soon as possible. We will offer a camp credit for days missed for a positive test.

If a child on your camp is COVID positive:

We will send out an email notification as quickly as possible to notify parents of the positive case and the group that child was in. To ensure speed of notification, we will identify the group only by the NAME OF THE INSTRUCTOR. This will be provided to you during initial drop off - please take note of this.

As noted above, a child on the camp being positive does not make you child a "close contact”, and the camp will continue as planned. 

VERY IMPORTANT - Update to Cancellation Policy for Refunds & Credits

Given the current environment and the change in government definitions around close contacts and general policy for businesses, we have made some important updates to our policy around camp credits for cancellations or if you choose to remove your child(s) from camp. 

It is simply not feasible for us as a small business to offer refunds or camp credits once a camp has commenced. Each camp has certain fixed costs that do not change if child is pulled out mid-camp as there is no more government support or provisions for COVID affected businesses.

With this in mind, if you deem the overall risk of catching COVID or, of missing out on a day/s of camp if another child tests positive, is too great for your family, we offer a full camp credit up to and including 14 days prior to a camp.

If you choose to attend the camp, we cannot offer credits for any changes of mind mid-way through - unless of course the entire camp is cancelled - in which case we would offer credits for the day/s missed.

If you or your child tests positive or they are required to self-isolate, we are happy to offer camp credits (with confirmation of a positive test result or self isolation instructions) for the days missed.

Please note that we cannot offer refunds for cancellations within 14 days prior to a camp

Thanks for understanding!

That last 2 years have been extremely challenging for an outdoor activity business like us, and we are doing our best to keep our programs running and customers safe. We have tried to be as understanding of everyone's personal situations as possible, and we hope you can also understand the unprecedented position we as a business currently find ourselves in. 

We thank you for your support of Adventure Camp, and we hope that you can continue to enjoy our programs.