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  • Can my child be in a group with all their Friends?
    On your sign up form, you can nomiate 1-2 friends that you would like to be in a group with, and this will be taken into account when the groups are allocated - we have always been able to put children into a group with at least 1 friend. At each camp we split the kids into groups of approximately 15 - and within this split, we try to get an even spread of male to females and take into account age as well. We do this to ensure we have great group dynamics and no kids are placed within groups that are too different (i.e. one group of kids with all 11 and 12 yr olds and then one 7 year old or a group with all girls and just one boy). We also do this so the groups are as evenly matched as possible across the different games / challenges. With this in mind, we do not generally place large groups of friends together in the same group - we have tried this many times and it often leads to that group either not engaging with the rest of the team, or becoming exclusive within the team. It also tends to make things more challenging for the instructor to manage the whole group . One of the key aims of our program is to help the kids to learn great social skills - this includes meeting new people, and making new friends. They may not be placed with all their friends who are attending this camp - however, we know from experience that this may be uncomfortable for your child for the first few hours they soon will make new friends and a great bond develops between their group members. Throughout the camp there are a number of times when groups come together or kids get to choose their activities and be with all their friends.
  • Can my Child change groups mid-camp?
    It depends on the reason - each situation is case by case and worked out with the camp leader and group instructors. Changing groups is not as simple as it sounds - as such, we do not change groups mid camp based solely on requests to be with different friends (all kids will be with at least one friend from the sign up process). If all the groups are full, we cannot add additional kids as we have instructor / child safety ratios to work with. Often changing groups means that another child will have to swap also - which is not always possible (if their are no volunteers, it's not fair of use to move another child at random). If a child is noticeably not engaging with their group, the instructors will always do their best to get them engaged, whether by helping them make more friends or involving them more in the activities. A group change will always be considered if a child is struggling or not engaging.
  • What is your sun screen policy?
    We ask that all parents ensure sun cream has been applied to your child before turning up, and that they have sensible clothing that provides good sun protection (including a hat). We will supply additional sun cream (Cancer Council Approved brand - SPF 50) at least every 2 hours, and directly after any water activities. We will also supply a long sleeve rash shirt for water activities. Our method for putting on sun screen is to line all the kids up, and place sun screen in everyones hand - then go through a "Face, Neck, Ears, Arms, Legs" routine. Please note that it is impossible for our instructors to watch every child place sun cream on every area of their body, and ensure they remain fully covered at all times. We request that you remind (we will also) your child to put cream on back of neck, ears, face, back of legs and arms - whilst also wearing the correct clothing.
  • My Child is under 7 years old - can they participate?
    The age limit we have put on the camp relates directly to the type of activities we plan. They require a certain amount of focus and stamina to complete. We do have some leniency if, for example, your child is 6 and turning 7 within a couple of months - but in this situation, we need the parent to make a call as to whether they can handle the intensity of the activities for the full 3 days. What we want to avoid is having the other children in the group having to slow down their progress for younger member - which isn't fair on them. So, for any children who have recently turned 6 or younger, we will have to ask you to wait until they are a bit older - and then we'd love to have them join Adventure Camp!
  • What is your policy for first aid, minor cuts, scrapes, bruises etc?"
    This is a camp that is based almost entirely outdoors. We spend a lot of time in the bush, beach or in the water – and as such, minor injuries can occur. The most common minor injuries include grazes, scratches, minor cuts and ant bites. All our instructors are first aid certified and carry a first aid kit. Our policy is to treat any minor injuries as quickly as required and aim to get your child back having fun as quickly as possible. In these situations, we will notify you what occured when you collect your child. For example, a child fell in the bush and scrapes their knee - we would clean it, cover it and get them back to the game / challenge ASAP. For any more serious matters, or anything that we cannot treat on the spot, we will contact the parent or the emergency contact person listed as soon as possible - once the proper first aid steps have been taken.
  • Do the Kids stay overnight?
    No, not on the majority of camps. All Adventure Camps are drop off / pick up each day - with times varying slightly by camp. We run 1x overnight camp p/year and that is Adventure Island.
  • What Activities will the kids be doing?
    Each camp location has it's own unique geography which determines what activities will take place. Typically, Adventure Camps include a selection of the following: Sailing - with trained instructors on Pacers. Snorkelling - with trained instructors and equipment supplied Rafting - either raft building or a rafting trip around the local area Swimming & Water Games - this varies camp to camp and generally involves relays, swimming games and general water play. Initiative based games and challenges - these vary camp to camp and generally involve building something, problem solving, scavenger hunts, map reading etc. Each camp also has a "story" and booklet that the kids need to complete throughout the 3 days - solving problems, discovering clues etc to get to the final prize!
  • I'm trying to book and there is a waiting list - what does this mean?
    The waiting list starts when the current allocation of camp spots has been filled. Once you're on a waiting list, you'll be notified if a spot opens up - this is on a first in first served basis.
  • What is your refund / cancellation policy?
    We offer a credit on your booking up to 14 days prior to the start of your camp. This credit can be used for future camps - or transferred to another participant. We do not offer refunds for simple "change of mind" cases. Within 14 days of a camp start date, we do not offer credit for other camps. This is due to the minimum numbers for activities needing to be confirmed at this point. You can transfer the registration to another participant in the same camp though.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We have a range of alternative activities for each location, however we will always try and do the regular activities if it is safe to do so. After all, this is an Adventure! We're not going to let a little rain slow us down. We do ask that you pack a rain jacket so we can get outside without getting soaked.
  • Can my child buy food?
    Unfotunately not - there are no canteen facilities at our locations. Please bring appropriate snacks for morning tea, afternoon tea ,an adequate lunch and drinks. The kids will need to stay fuelled through a big day of adventure!
  • What if my child has a disability?
    Please Contact Us directly to discuss this. We will always work with you, to include your child in every way possible. The great outdoors are great for everyone, so we'll do what we can to get your child involved.
  • Is there drinking water available?
    Yes, water is available at multiple locations around the site for children to refill water bottles. Please make sure your child has a water bottle and it is labelled with their name.
  • My Child cannot swim - can they still come to Camp?
    Yes, you will be asked to rate your child’s swimming ability in the registration form - which will be sent to you once you've enrolled in the Camp. When participating in water sports activities that involve your child being in deeper than standing water, they will be required to wear a life jacket and there will be two staff monitoring a maximum of 15 children in these activities. We may undertake activities at each location where children may get wet. All staff will be aware and monitor any child that cannot swim.
  • What if my child has an allergy or other health issue?
    When you enrol your child you will need to fill in an online registration form to outline any issues or allergies. All instructors will be briefed before the camp in regards to understanding any child’s health issues and requirements.
  • Can adults participant or come on the camp with the kids?
    Adults can participate at our yearly Adventure Island camping trip by signing up as a Parent Helper. However, for all our other camps, it is kids only. These camps are all about letting your child learn and grow on their own with other kids.
  • What are the instructors qualifications?
    We have two types of instructors - Group Leaders and Outdoor Specialists. Group Leader are responsible for the running of each group - they will lead the team through the activities and have a minimum of First Aid Certificate, Completed Working with Children Check, and are actively working with children outside of our camps (such as sports coaches, after school care instructors or university teaching undergraduates etc). Outdoor Specialists all hold a relevant qualification for what they teach. For example, Sailing Instructors have been trained as instructors by their sailing club, water games supervisors have a Lifeguard Qualification and snorkelling & rafting instructors have undergone formal training and certification.
  • My kids are very nervous / shy about joining in - can they still come?
    All kids, at some stage get nervous. Our staff are experienced in working with children to overcome their fears and to gain confidence in new areas. Often we find that the most nervous kids at first are involved in everything by the end of the camp. Any child that really does not want to partake will never be forced into attempting an activity.
  • Is Adventure Camp safe?
    Safety is of the highest importance at Adventure Camp - and we pride ourselves on our safety record. Like any outdoor activity - there is a risk of injury, however we believe that with our polices and procedures in place, Adventure Camp is as safe as it can possibly be. Adventure Camp has documented Safety Management Procedures in place for every program and every activity, for adherence by Adventure Camp staff and participants at all levels and at all times. All safety management documentation is under constant review. The documentation includes: Adventure Camp's Safety & Emergency Procedures (Location-specific) Adventure Camp's Standard Operating Procedures Adventure Camp's Activity-Specific Risk Management Matrix Adventure Camp's Assessment Documentation Adventure Camp's Medical Form Adventure Camp's Dietary Requirements Form Adventure Camp's Consent Form
  • What is the latest I can pick my kids up?
    For most camps, this is 5:30pm. The activities end at 4:45pm, any child not collected by 5:30pm will be charged at an extra $10 per 10 minutes. For some camps, there are specific pick up times that will be mentioned in your confirmation email when booking a ticket.
  • What time can I drop my kids off?
    For most camps, drop off starts at 8am and all children should be on site by latest 9am. For some camps, there are specific drop off times that will be mentioned in your confirmation email when booking a ticket.
  • What is your Staff to Child Ratio?
    Our staff to kid ratio's are 1:15 for all land-based activities and 1:10 for all water activities. For our Sailing activities the adult to child ratio is 2:15. A full Camp is staffed with 5 x Adults and 1 x Junior assistant.
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