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10 Things every Parent should know about Adventure Camp!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Despite the many known benefits of being outside, statistics show that the amount of time that kids get to play has been declining for decades. Did you know that research shows the average pre-schooler watches 4.5 hours of TV each day!

Let us show you why Adventure Camp is so cool for kids.

  1. Playing outdoors is healthy: let's face it, how many kids do you see actually sitting on their bums outside? Not many, there is too much to do, and so much fun to be had. Besides, it is a nice change from the four walls of the classroom.

  2. Kids learn new skills and try new things: we make every effort to include things that your kids may not have tried before, things like surfing and sailing or paddling in a kayak. We enable and teach them skills that last a life time and encourage them to try something they may not do on there own.

  3. Make new friends. At Adventure camp we divide the kids into 4 different groups that are mixed with age and gender (we do like to keep the kids age gap as close as possible , as their physical abilities will be similar and no one will get left behind). Although we do encourage everyone to nominate at least one friend that they would like to be grouped with. (no matter what age). Playing together brings joy, vitality, and resilience to relationships. Through regular play, we learn to trust one another and feel safe.

  4. We offer your kids a screen free solution and teach them about how cool it is to be outdoors: There is so much adventure to be had by being in our natural environment, so much to see, so much to learn and the outdoors is such a cool place, not to mention packed with lots of essential vitamins and minerals that can be soaked up from the sun. We get your kids active, teach them the benefits of taking initiative and show them just how cool it is to do more than sit in front of a video game. We build things just like Minecraft but the kids actually use their hands and get to see first hand just what their creation can do and we battle just like Fortnite, although the reward is so much more exciting. We even teach your kids about maths and product worth with our auction at the end of camp. Each team gains points throughout the three days and they use these points to buy prizes for their team. And did we mention the war cry, one that is unique per group, ask your kids what their war cry was when they get home from camp.

  5. Good for your kids, physical, emotional & social wellbeing. we all know the benefits of outdoor play (see our article- LINK) but doing this in a group environment makes kids happy, reduces stress levels and increases those happy hormones that we all crave. We love seeing all the kids having such an awesome time at camp. It gives them greater self awareness, appreciation for their environment, improves their communication skills, their relationships with friends and family and teaches them to utilise all 5 of their senses.

  6. We are all about teamwork and cooperation: we look out for your kids and each other, our group leaders facilitate relationships and if your child is a bit nervous around new people we can help them make friends.

  7. Build kids sense of self worth we do this through letting them use and discover their own abilities. When kids try new things and realise what they can do, it opens up so many doors and possibilities for them, they are more inclined to take risks and tend to grow into more outgoing adults.

  8. We structure our adventure's so that there is also free time to play: we want kids to discover new and amazing things about themselves, but also let them be what they were born to be, which is ...them. We facilitate an environment where kids feel safe to be completely themselves, to play together with others and to re-discover the wonders of outdoor play.

  9. Kids still have responsibility - we don't do everything for them, they need to take care of their belongings, make sure they don't lose anything and they need to work together as a team. Each child plays a part and each person can earn or lose points for their team throughout the duration of the camp.

  10. The most important of all is that our KIDS HAVE FUN at Adventure Camp: here are some comments we have received from kids and parents;

"Hi , I just wanted to say Thank You, my daughter had a ball she had such a great time on your camp this week. Such a great thing you guys are doing getting kids to spend time outside and enjoy it! "

"Hi, I have been in adventure camp since I was in Year 4 and I just finished primary school which means I can’t do adventure camp anymore. The camp leader at Northbridge said that I could volunteer at camp as I am now turning 13 this year. Just wondering if we are aloud to volunteer?"

"My kids had such a great time on adventure camp, when are you running the next school holidays, they are both so keen to come back"

We love an Adventure and it is super cool to see the loads of fun that kids can have outdoors. With four well established locations in Sydney, Adventure Camp is officially launching in Brisbane. No Kids Left Inside!


If you are looking for an awesome school holiday camp for your kids, look no further.

Read more about each Adventure Camp Location:



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