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6 Surprising Benefits of Water Play!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Being by the water, no matter what your age, is good for the soul. In fact, the mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that increase blood flow, promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and induce relaxation.

So, no wonder playing in the water is good for kids. Let's explore a few reasons why;

1. Concentration: When kids play with water, they tend to get lost in the activity and spend longer periods of time exploring and playing. This, in turn, encourages children to focus more on any activity that will hold their attention, increasing their concentration span over time. The benefits of this spill over into the classroom, where being able to concentrate is an essential skill.

2. They learn about concepts of Science: Playing in the water allows children to experience scientific concepts hands on. Kids learn early physics through the properties of the water, things like;

a) Water makes sand heavier

b) Air moves water

c) Water falls through space (through a pipe or sieve)

d) water takes the shape of any container it is poured into and runs downhill

e) water is liquid when it is poured and can turn solid when it is cold (frozen)

f) sometimes items float on water while others sink

3. Early mathematics skills: Playing with water is an excellent way for kids to develop essential maths skills. Things like volume and capacity, when they experience concepts like full and empty and displacement when they put objects into water. Conservation, that the amount of water stays the same when poured into a container of a different shape. Learning these skills and concepts through play really can assist formal learning.

4. Problem-solving and creativity: Developing problem solving and creativity skills is vital in todays society and are better developed when you are a child. It requires finding solutions to challenges during play and kids are required to think outside the box. A few examples of how Adventure Camp hones these skills through water play include;

a) Sandcastle Wars - how to add just the right amount of water to the sand so that it

can be moulded without falling apart.

b) How to get water to run from one structure to another - building a water way

through pipes or a moat for a sandcastle

c) Raft Building - which items to use so that the raft will float and not sink

d) How to make a funnel to get water from a large container into a smaller one

5. Social skills: This one comes up a lot, but there are so many elements of outdoor play that increase a child's ability to interact with others. When kids play together they often become more loud, energetic and excited, research has shown that playing with water is one activity that tends to have a more calming effect as it is so absorbing and relaxing. Even though we don't often see kids playing quietly in the water, they definitely play more harmoniously and interact peacefully for lengthy periods of time, and they learn to communicate and interact on that level.

6. Relieves tension: As we have mentioned above, being in water is calming, in fact, it is more soothing than any other material. Kids get a lot of satisfaction from swimming, splashing and playing around in it. As water play tends to capture their attention for longer periods of time, this can be particularly great for tense children as it has a way of calming them down. For kids who are feeling angry or frustrated, simple actions such as squirting or splashing water is a healthy way to relive tension.

Here at Adventure camp, we know the benefits of all types of outdoor play and like to expose the kids to as many of the elements as possible. From swimming, squishing their toes in the sand to feeling the leaves of the trees. Kids get to experience how their body feels through different environments and the weightlessness that they get from the water.

Each camp includes a variety of activities from the land to the sea. If you are looking for the perfect activity these School Holidays, why not choose Adventure Camp!


If you are looking for an awesome school holiday adventure for your kids, why not try Adventure Camp!

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