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How to prepare for Adventure Camp

Quite often, in the lead up to camp, we have quite a few questions from parents that we thought we could shed some light on. We send all our attendees a preparation email in the days leading up to camp so that your kids have everything they need to have the best possible experience.

If this is your first Adventure Camp, this guide will help you prepare, if you are a regular, this will be a helpful reminder.

What to Bring to Adventure Camp:

  • Hat: kids will be asked to wear a hat whenever they are outdoors (water sports are an exception)

  • Sunscreen: We provide plenty of sun cream per group, and get kids to reapply every 2 hours. Although if you require a special kind of sun cream- due to any allergies, it is best to bring your own.

  • Rash Vest: We provide Adventure Camp Rashies that all kids will be wearing throughout all of out water activities, although it is always great to have a spare.

  • Swimmers: (swimwear is not required for our winter camps)

  • Change of clothes: We have various water activities throughout the camp and there are times when the weather can get a little damp, so having a spare change of clothes each day is great.

  • Raincoat / poncho: This is only really necessary if it is forecast to rain. (Want to know what happens in the event of rain? Read on….)

  • Towel: The kids will get wet, so a towel is definitely the first thing to pack

  • Lunch, water bottle and snacks: The kids are active and outside all day, so a big healthy lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are highly recommended. There will be taps and bubblers around to refill any water bottles if needed.

  • Shoes (that can get wet/muddy/dirty) or Water Shoes: ideally bring a spare pair, plus extra socks.

  • And finally, a Backpack: after all the kids are going to need something to carry all of this in. We carry our bags with us most of the day, so a bag they can carry comfortably is recommended.


What not to bring:

  • Nuts or nut based foods: this helps us cater for any kids with allergies

  • Devices: this is a tech free camp, we don’t want kids bringing tablets, mobiles or any other electronic devices. If your child must have a phone to contact you, please ask them to hand it to their group leader and ask for it when required.

We do not accept bullying or anti-sociable behaviour. We will provide a warning to a child and if they continue we will ask you to take your child home.

What happens if it rains?

If there is a little rain, all of our outdoor activities will continue as normal, after all this is Adventure Camp!... in the event of heavy rain or extreme weather, we do have back up plans for

indoor and undercover activities. So, the camps will still go ahead as normal.

What we need your support with:

  • Sun safety: Please ensure sun cream has been applied to your child before turning up, and that they have clothing that provides good sun protection (including a hat). We will supply sun cream and ask kids to re-apply every 2 hours. We will supply a rash vest for all water activities.

Please note it is impossible for our instructors to watch every child put sunscreen on every area of their body. We ask that you remind your children to put sun cream on the back of their neck, ears, face, back of the arms and legs.

  • Eating & Drinking: we have set breaks each day. Please remind your kids that eating and drinking lots of water is very important.


At each camp, we split the kids into groups of approximately 10-15 and we attempt to have an even spread of male and females in each group that are of a similar age. We want to ensure we have great group dynamics and that no kids are placed within a group that is too different (ie, in a group of 11-12 year old’s and one 7 year old).

Our camps are about challenging kids to learn great social skills, they may not be placed with all of their friends, but we do our best to ensure they are with as many as possible. There are activities when all groups come together, so there are times when they are with all of their friends.

Drop off and pick up:

When you drop off your child, you will be asked for your name and who will be collecting your child/ren. Please check in and check out with the camp master.

Camp drop off is from 8am -9am and pick up is from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. The camp starts art 9am.

We will send out a google maps link, of the exact drop off location for your camp.

Contact numbers:

All relevant contact numbers will be sent to you within a few days of camp start, so you are able to contact us at any time.

We want all of our attendees to have the best experience possible, so if there is any additional information you need leading up to camp see our FAQ's or contact us on our website.

Happy holidays!

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