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Sailing is not only fun, it is one activity that packs so many life lessons. It teaches things like teamwork, engineering, history, patience and educates you all about the ocean.

Which are all great reasons why every kid should learn how to sail, at Adventure Camp, we love sailing and here are some more top reasons why we think sailing is great for kids;

  1. Adventure: You know how much we love adventure, and sailing is an awesome way to plant that seed. Sailboats, for the most part are safe, but they have an element of the unknown. Outside the boat is a completely different world, a world of water, a world where we can't even stand up in or breathe in (underwater). It is kind of mind blowing when you think about it... this is a place where kids can really stretch their imagination.

  2. Knowledge of systems: a lot of trial, error and innovative changes have gone into the design of what we now know as the sail boat. An innovation that works in an intricate system that creates travel from a wind source. Learning about systems like this spikes kids curiosity, making them want to look into other systems and encourages critical thinking. It also helps them to better understand systems in their every day environment.

  3. Bonding: with technology dominating most of our lives lately, and kids spending so much of their time indoors, it is becoming increasingly difficult for kids to develop meaningful relationships. Sailing is a team sport, and it relies on everyone to make it work. The kids need to work together and they start to learn the value of teamwork. Spending time on a boat with others generates a lot of fun, laughter, easy conversation and helps kids to build friendships.

  4. Work ethic: nothing speaks louder in sailing then organization, boat maintenance and cleanliness and keeping a boat in perfect working order takes work and effort. Sailing teaches your kids work/rewards lessons where they learn that results can be achieved through physical effort, which can be a particularly valuable lesson if your child has a short attention span.

  5. Sense of direction: when you're out on the water it can be easy to lose your bearings, sailing provides many methods in which kids can learn and develop a good sense of direction.

  6. Courage and self confidence: being able to ride a push bike or swing on monkey bars is one thing, but imaging being able to steer a sailboat, or be a part of, or even captain a crew. This provides a level of confidence that other activities may struggle to match.

If you are looking for an outdoor activity for your kids, that will teach them valuable lessons and unlock some of their hidden talents, why not consider Adventure Camp. Not only will we get them outdoors and away from computer screens, but we can also help them to develop new skills that will last a lifetime.

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