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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Snorkelling is a popular hobby where you float along the surface of the ocean while exploring the life underneath. Not only is it great for your physical and mental health, it is also quite relaxing and easy to do (no experience required).

At Adventure Camp, we love taking the kids snorkelling, and below we are going to share with you a few of the reasons why;

  1. Snorkelling is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the ocean: as kids get older they become

more curious and as they get more interested in the underwater environment, snorkelling can be the perfect way to get to know our beautiful ocean. You can swim with the sea life, marvel at all the plants (that ONLY exist underwater) and discover all of these incredible little worlds underwater. Every time you go snorkelling, there is something new to discover and as bonus, it is also incredibly quiet and peaceful. Snorkelling allows you to go at your own pace and is the perfect way to de-stress from the craziness of life on the land. Not to mention, it is incredibly fun discovering the hidden secrets of the ocean.

  1. Snorkelling is a fantastic way to stay healthy: We all know how being outside is great for your physical and mental health, so it is no wonder that snorkelling affords you the same benefits. Whilst snorkelling, you can enjoy the sun (getting that dose of vitamin D), the sand (which is great for exfoliating and grounding) and the pure bliss of the beach (it is a great way to relax which is perfect for mental health). It is also a good for your muscles and body, whether you use fins or not, you will be utilising your arms, legs and your back pushing against the resistance of the water. So, your whole body will enjoy the workout. Snorkelling is also great for your heart and joints, building cardiovascular strength and assisting to ease stiffness while increasing mobility in a low impact environment.

  2. Snorkelling lets you discover the underwater world: No more getting the kids to watch documentaries on TV, why not let them discover it first hand? Snorkelling gets you up close and personal with the best that the ocean has to offer - fish, coral, shells and tons of sea creatures. Kids can become the narrators of their very own underwater discovery journey.

  3. Snorkelling is an easy and enjoyable activity: Swimming is non-invasive and non-contact, it's an activity that virtually anyone can do and is one of the best practices you can do for your body. Snorkelling helps to build muscle without exerting too much effort, it keeps your body relaxed and your joints flexible.

  4. The experience gives you unforgettable memories: There are some things you can only see and experience whilst snorkelling, like swimming among a school of fish, or even coming face to face with a sea turtle. The more times you do it, the more things you will see and the more you can discover. Imagine the memories kids can create, this is what makes snorkelling such an exciting and one-of-a-kind activity.

  5. Finally, while snorkelling, you are guaranteed to have a ball: Snorkelling allows anyone, and we mean anyone, have fun quickly and with very minimal risk. You don't need hours of practice before trying it and it is instantly fun from the very first time you enter the water.

Snorkelling is one activity that has it all and it is such a great experience. The kids are outdoors, they enjoy themselves, get exercise and make some pretty awesome memories.

The best part is, anyone can learn how to snorkel, whether you are new to swimming or you have been swimming for years.

Things you need to snorkel:

  • Snorkel - to breath through

  • Diving mask or Goggles - to see

  • Sun protection (such as a rash vest) - for sun safety

At Adventure Camp, snorkelling is always super popular with the kids, we provide rash vests, sunscreen and snorkel sets.

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We are extremely excited to be brining all the fun of Adventure Camp to Queensland for the School Holidays - and to help the Brissy kids discover the awesome adventures you can have, without a screen in sight.

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