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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) has become such a popular sport around the world and there are so many reasons why. The most common being because it is so easy to learn, it's for all fitness levels and capabilities, all ages and it is super fun for everyone.

Standing upright on a paddleboard lets you look down into the water and really connect with the

nature around you, it is a great way to spend time with your family outdoors, a great way to get plenty of fresh air and sunlight in addition to full body exercise.

Why is Stand Up Paddle Boarding so good for kids?

  1. Exercise: Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent workout, few activities provide such an extensive variety. It promotes balance, increases strength in your arms, legs and core and it can also improve endurance. At the same time, it is also fairly low-intensity and a fun thing to do.

  2. It is great for mental health: in this day and age, kids can get just as stressed out as us. Being outside amongst nature is undeniably important for our mental health and we all know how great the water is for reducing stress. Balancing and paddling at the same time takes focus, this focus can help to reduce the amount of time they spend worrying about other things. When kids use their stored up energy, they sleep better and experience less anxiety.

  3. Fresh air: Getting your kids into SUP will see them having fun, get them away from screen time and enjoying the great outdoors. Whilst on a board, the fresh air cleans kids lungs, getting rid of pollutants like car fumes and dust. Each breath of fresh air helps kids brains get clarity, and clean air and sunshine are awesome at battling Vitamin D deficiencies. FUN FACT: did you know that every hour of paddling and breathing fresh air reinforces children's eyesight, how cool is that.

  4. Great for overall health: paddling gets the heart rate up and the faster your heart beats the more oxygen you get through the body. The more oxygen you get the more it kicks your metabolism into gear and an effective metabolism improves heart muscle and overall heart health. Besides, kids have a short attention span and SUP is a great alternative to indoor cardio.

  5. Above all Paddle boarding is Fun: SUP is an excellent way for kids to bond with each

other and have fun with their friends. Whilst out on the water, kids can enjoy the outdoors, converse with others, develop their social skills and make new friends. Paddle boarding is a great way to build children's confidence, they get super excited when they can stand up on their own. At Adventure Camp, we encourage the kids to practice by standing up on the boards and jumping off into the water! Kids LOVE doing this.... It is like having your own personal dock to jump off.

We offer stand up Paddle boarding at our Balmoral Adventure Camps. School holiday camps on sale now!

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