Adventure Camp At Home!

We believe that no matter what’s happening in the world, kids still need to be kids. They need to keep active, engaged and challenged every day - it will really help with their mental health (and will no doubt help parents too). Adventure Camp at home was created throughout lockdown and we made some awesome videos on things that your kids can try at home. 

So we have decided to share them with you... Besides there are some pretty cool ideas to amuse your kids (and yourselves) if you are ever stuck at home....

Games to play and things to Create

Paper Plane 

Nature Masks

Chalking the Street 

Book Balancing

The Puzzle

Lava Lamp


Card Fort Battle

Neighbourhood Hunt

Hit the Pot

Water Sports

A little exercise & Outdoor Activity

Family Olympics

Obstacle Course

Time to Run

Lets Get Cooking!

Lemon Sorbet

Jam Drops

Survival Food (aka) Muesli

Brisbane City picture.jpg

Adventure Camp is coming to BRISBANE June 2022

We are extremely excited to be brining all the fun of Adventure Camp to Queensland for the School Holidays - and to help the Brissy kids discover the awesome adventures you can have, without a screen in sight.