As of Monday 23rd of March, we have had no option but to postpone all upcoming camps for the safety of the kids, staff and the wider community.  Please CLICK HERE to read an open letter from the Adventure Camp Team regarding this postponement. 


On a brighter note, we are going to be running a new program for the next few weeks... 

We believe that no matter what’s happening in the world, kids still need to be kids. They need to keep active, engaged and challenged every day  - it will really help with their mental health (and will no doubt help parents in this challenging time too).

Adventure Camp At Home is going to be sending out activities and games that you can do with your kids every week day.  We hope that you’ll jump on board, share your successes with us and also give ideas out to other parents on what you’ve been doing with your kids to keep them energised and healthy.

We are sad we can’t meet your awesome kids these holidays but look forward to creating some fun together with our Adventure Camp Home newsletter. Sending you support during this hard time – we are in this together.

About Adventure Camp

We believe that kids learn best through Adventure - and that the best adventures are had outdoors.

Adventure Camp was started because we want to help more kids experience the awesome fun that can be had when you get outside and explore.

Our camps will help kids to build confidence, develop initiative, increase creativity, make new friends and above all, have FUN!


"My daughter had a wonderful time on the Adventure Camp. The Program was excellent, she really like the location and instructors. A great way to spend school holidays. I'm sure you will see my kids again."


Vanessa B, Parent

"Our children are reluctant 'camp goers' as they would much prefer to stay at home. They typically come home unenthusiastic about other camp experiences. After Adventure Camp my husband and I couldn't stop them talking. We loved the fact that they had to work as a team and value each other - this experience is a winner!"

Rachel H, Parent

"Adventure camp was excellent for making new friends and having a good time."

Noah, aged 11

"It was awesome and cool and I really liked it.

The mystery was really fun and I can't wait to go again!"

Oscar, aged 8

"A fun and challenging program to build self-confidence while making new friends, learning new skills and develop an appreciation for the local environment and history. My son is begging to do it again! He especially loved the rafting and snorkelling. Thank you to a great team at Adventure Camp."

Kim F, Parent

"Highly recommend, my daughter knew no one and was apprehensive about the camp but had the best time ever and can't wait to do another camp."

Olivia B, Parent

"My boys were very unsure about coming to adventure camp but LOVED every minute of their time at Adventure Camp and have already checked that I have booked them in for next holidays."

Mark Z, Parent

"The rafting was the BEST ever – and this was the BEST camp I’ve ever been on!"

Bella, aged 10

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