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Attendee feedback / comments

"Everybody needs to learn the skills learnt at camp, it was so much fun and outdoors is the best"

"The long hours suit the working parent, there are activities that the kids absolutely loved! Kids came home exhausted but also so excited for the next session."

"Everything .. games, water activities , team building activities, bush walks . Even though camp days were raining heavily, everything went well and my daughter enjoyed to the max and made few friends. She has been kept asking for the next adventure camp."

" My Son loved camp. He came home everyday so happy. He was ready to go back to new challenges everyday"

"We love nature and the outdoors and this camp gives our kids an opportunity to spend time outside with friends while having fun and learning new skills. This camp ticks all the boxes. Thank you "

"My son was fully engaged in the activities, the activities seemed to be many and varied; the pre-post engagement with the camp leader was just right. Easy to drop off and pick up. It really lived up to the name 'Adventure Camp' - the sorts of things we used to do when I was young - outdoors!"

"My son was nervous when he arrived on the first day. The camp leaders were lovely, welcoming and clearly experienced with slightly nervous kids. Harry had some friends at the camp and as soon as the leader introduced herself and said he would be fine, I knew he would be in great hands. He loved it. We will definitely be back"

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