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Why every child can benefit from an Adventure these School Holidays!

The school holidays can be an exciting time for kids, it is a time where there is no homework and kids really have the opportunity to have new experiences and let their hair down. At Adventure Camp, we are all about the outdoors and providing kids with new and exciting adventures with no screens in sight.

Throughout this blog, we have listed a few reasons why your kids can benefit from coming on an Adventure with us these school holidays.

Adventure Camp is great for building social skills: Spending a few days on one of our camps is great for meeting new people and improving both social and communication skills. Kids love to make new friends and the social skills they learn from interacting with new people will put them in good stead for later in life when communication is key to surviving every day life.

If your kids are a little nervous around new people, we do our best to group them with at least someone that they are familiar with, that way they can make some new friends together. The first part of day one is every group learning about one another, knowing each other's names, interests, diversities and skills. Our group leaders are also excellent at introducing the kids to each other and making sure everyone feels welcome.

We teach things that they won't learn at school: Kids are constantly learning and it is great to learn more than what an academic education can provide. We design our activities around the many fun ways to be outdoors and we like to make sure that the kids learn at least one basic adventure skill per activity. Things like problem solving, how to use a compass, tying a basic knot, raft building skills or securing a shelter. Even first aid, brail or Morse code, how to balance on uneasy surfaces or how to sail a boat.

Our adventurers then get to use the skills they have learnt on day 3 for our Adventure Relay. At Adventure Camp, the kids really get to explore, experience the outdoors and socialise.

Kids need a break too: As an adult, we often think that kids have such an easy life, most of us can look on our own childhoods and think just how simple and fun it was. But kids, just like us can be so over-scheduled and they need a break from things like school work, homework and all the activities in between. They need time to relax, wind down and have a bit of fun. Rather than spending time in front of the TV or playing video games, we offer your kids a place where they can enjoy exploring and trying things they have never done before. Besides, they will have a great story to tell their classmates when they return to school.

Can help to alleviate stress and anxiety: Young people can often have quite a lot of

pressures or anxieties that we cannot truly understand, our adult reasoning ability is so much more developed and allows us to make sense of things far more easily. Stepping away from school/ everyday life and realising that there is a big world out there that can be full of fun and adventure can help kids to gain a more positive perspective on their life. Besides we all know how good being outdoors is for increasing mood and reducing stress.

Free time for child-initiated play: We set a scene throughout each camp for our adventurers to truly let their imagination go wild. We tell adventure stories and send the groups off to do their activities. At the end of the day before pick up, we give the kids free time to play together with their new friends. It is amazing how engrossed they become in creating their own play, and it is super cool to watch them switch off and simply enjoy being outdoors.

Most importantly, Adventure Camp is a place for your child to simply have some fun: For a working parent it can be difficult to take extended leave or to organise plans for your child/ren if you're rostered to work. You can simply drop your kids off in the morning, pick them up that afternoon and let us take care of the fun. We plan an action packed 3 days of Adventure that will keep your kids occupied and outdoors these school holidays.

With multiple camps running across 4 awesome locations, why not book your kids in with Adventure Camp for the next school holidays.

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