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Being outdoors this winter, is actually really good for you.

The colder weather has always been notorious for people instinctively staying indoors, but despite the doom and gloom of winter, the colder weather may actually be really good for you... and it is super great for our kids.

We all know the benefits of being outside. It boosts the immune system which, in turn, builds up kids natural resistances. When children come into contact with dirt, animals and bacteria during outdoor play, they are helping to reduce the risk of allergies, and even autoimmune disease as they grow.

Staying inside over the winter decreases the amount of vitamin D we get, and too little sunlight can be stressful. It effects our emotional and physical wellbeing, making us vulnerable to fatigue

here are some reasons to get your kids outdoors and into Adventure Camp these winter holidays;

  1. It'll lift your mood: Realistically, we know that serotonin levels in the brain (our most important feel-good chemicals) are lowest in winter, and the darker months are well known for affecting our mood. Exposing yourself to the sun's rays is one of the best remedies to beat the winter blues. Spending time outdoors in the winter time will help us get the light we need for energy, alertness, mood and cognitive function.

  2. it charges up your immune system: Exercise, even walking out in the colder weather, may help to keep illnesses at bay as it helps to flush bacteria out of your airway and lungs. Research shows that spending time in nature reduces your stress hormones and increases anti-cancer proteins in the body.

  3. You get some much needed fresh air: A lot of people work hard to make their home as free from toxins as possible, with indoor plants and skipping the toxic cleaners. Although there are still a multitude of pollutants inside that decrease our ability to breath in the fresh stuff. Things like electronics, appliances in your kitchen and even some furniture. Getting outdoors gives you a break from indoor air and it is the best air that we can breath, (and far less polluted), particularly if you seek out natural areas that are filled with plant life. Being cooped up inside we are more likely to catch germs by sharing close spaces with others, increasing our risk of colds and flu's.

  4. Get's you moving: the colder weather generally means less time outdoors, we are more likely to skip the walk through the park to school or to catch transportation. (It is amazing how much additional time outdoors these simple activities create for us). There is nothing like putting on that extra coat and taking your kids out for a walk, exercise of any form boosts your mood, immunity and decreases your risk of infection.

  5. Reduces stress: take the time this winter to connect with the wonders of nature, after all, we know how much being outdoors can reduce your stress levels (even in kids).

  6. it inspires your kids: We love the outdoors and kids who spend more time outdoors are known to have increased problem solving skills. Time outside stimulates imagination and kids who spend more time outdoors are more likely to have better problem solving skills.

At Adventure Camp, we love showing kids the awesome fun that can be had away from screens.

We know that winter is cold and that everyone wants to stay inside, but there are so many fantastic benefits of braving the cold and discovering all of the awesome adventures that you can have outside... Want an awesome holiday activity for your kids these holidays. Look no further...

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