Surfing- why is it so good for kids?

Swimming in the ocean is very different from swimming in a pool, so it can be perfectly natural to be afraid of the waves crashing onto the beach (let's call it a healthy respect for an unfamiliar environment). Surfing is a surface water sport in which an individual uses a board to ride a moving wave of water.

At Adventure Camp, we think surfing is an awesome way for kids to learn confidence in the water, it teaches them to negotiate breaking waves, potential dangers such as rips and currents, and they also learn to enjoy this beautiful part of nature and experience it in a fun way.

Not only is surfing loads of fun, there are truck loads of other benefits, let's explore why;

  1. Surfing is a highly dynamic sport: The ocean and the waves are constantly changing and no two waves are the same. Whilst learning to surf, kids learn how to think, act and function in the current moment. Sports like tennis and footy have fixed and static playing fields with boundaries and rules. Surfing is the complete opposite, it has no fixed playing field, no fixed rules and absolutely no boundaries. No other sports have a constantly changing playing field.

  2. Boosts confidence: When you're new to surfing, paddling yourself out through the crashing waves can be pretty scary and having that little bit of fear before facing the ocean is totally natural. However, after a little practice you become more and more comfortable in the ocean and kids, especially, quickly begin to overcome their initial fears. It could be said that surfing is a useful tool for teaching kids to overcome little worries, which in turn, boosts their confidence in their day-to-day life. Plus, surfing looks super cool, so it is hard not to feel confident after a good day of surfing.

  3. Improves motor skills: things like balance, coordination and spatial orientation, which are crucial life skills that all kids require to maintain healthy development. Surfing is such a fun and exciting way to teach these skills. Balance and coordination will help children to do more tasks independently (like ride a bike), become better at sport (with better hand-eye and foot coordination) and to build their self-esteem. Children will also become a lot more agile by getting comfortable in their own bodies.

  4. Surfing is physically demanding: and it is a great way to balance off energy. Let's face it, one hour of surfing wears kids out. It is a full body workout that combines strength and aerobic exercise.

  5. Improves swimming ability: most people will say that they know how to swim, but there is a big difference between knowing "how to swim" and being confident in the water. When learning to surf, you develop a better feel for the water and navigating waves, which will ultimately assist with better swimming performance (both in the pool and in the ocean). See we told you surfing was an excellent way for kids (and adults) to build their confidence in the water.

  6. Surfing is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural environment: There are loads of ways to get in touch with nature, but there is something special about being in the waves. If you would like your child to develop a better appreciation for nature, surfing is something you should try. When you're surfing, it is just you, your board and the water. Besides, you never really have to be in the water for long to see a variety of fish, birds and if you're lucky, maybe even dolphins. Plus, spending time outside in the sun helps the body produce a healthy dose of vitamin D which helps with calcium absorption, promotes bone health and boosts the immune system.

  7. Builds tenacity of patience: "something worth doing, is worth doing well" and quite often the best things in life come more slowly. Being able to do something well often takes a lot of trial and error and with surfing you fall a lot before you can get up and stay up (well most of us anyway). Surfing can teach kids how to learn from their mistakes and also offers a lot of lessons in patience. You need to wait for the right waves, deal with tough currents and take care of your board. It is the perfect environment to develop patience and self discipline.

  8. Anxiety and stress relief: Kids can experience quite a lot of stress and anxiety due to high pressure school environments and many other things that they are exposed to throughout their life. Surfing is a great stress reliever for adults and can also provide the same value for children. It allows them to channel any anxiety and stress and is a great way for them to burn off any excess energy they may convert to stress. Patience is also vital when dealing with anxiety, learning to be calm and breath. Is there anything more calming than the ocean?

At Adventure Camp, we leave it to the experts and use a surf school to ensure that your kids learn in a safe surfing environment with those who know the ocean best. This is one of the many water sports that we like to add to our camps as often as possible. For more info on our upcoming camp dates visit our website or leave us a message

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